Top 10 Amazing Psychology Facts Everyone Needs To Know

Top 10 Amazing Psychology Facts Everyone Needs To Know

1Decorate: Top 10 Amazing Psychology Facts Everyone Needs To Know

If you’re a fan of having your mind blown over, you’re at the right place! Below we have a list of 14 insanely incredible psychology facts that we do believe everyone needs to be made aware of. So, ladies and gentlemen, strap your seat belts on for this is going to be a ride full of discoveries

1. Chocolate produces the same chemical in our bodies that is produced when we’re in love.

This explains so, so much! According to science, when we consume chocolate, it triggers the release of several neurotransmitters in our brain, which are all responsible for the positive mood that we subsequently acquire.

And out of the myriad of neurotransmitters, one of the principal ones is “phenylethylamine,” which quickens one’s pulse rate, produces excitement and alertness, and makes one happy .
It is also frequently called the “love drug” as it produces feelings very similar to the ones we experience when we’re in love.

2. Hugging someone for 20 seconds produces a chemical in our body that causes us to trust the one we’re hugging.

When we hug someone, our body produces “oxytocin,” which is responsible for assuring the brain that we’re safe and with trustworthy people, so we can let our guard down .

3. We are capable of being close to only 150 people.

Forget your Facebook friend list, this is the actual number of people that you are truly capable of getting close to! Known as “Dunbar’s number,” 150 people is the hypothesized cognitive limit to the number of individuals with whom we can establish and (most importantly) maintain social relationships that are stable .

And by relationships, we mean bonds where the two people actually know each other and how the other person relates to every other person in their social circle. Dunbar’s number was proposed by a British anthropologist by the name of (no surprises here) Robert Dunbar during the 1990s.

4. Our brain is much more creative when it’s exhausted.

If inspiration has been ignoring you and you’re bogged with deadlines that demand some creative work, well, here’s an interesting solution – get tired! According to research, as bizarre as it may sound, the brain has more luck with coming up with creative solutions when it happens to not be functioning at its best. In other words, when it’s tired. This does explain just why we get some of our greatest ideas when we’re in the shower after completing a long, harrowing day at work!

5. Our brains experience rejection as pain.

Us, laymen, we’re all aware that rejection hurts. However, neuroscience has recently concluded that rejection can, in fact, produce literal hurt. Though our brain processes physical pain and emotional pain in dissimilar methods; apparently, the chemical cascade produced upon being rejected is very similar to that of physical pain, which causes the identical natural chemical to be produced during both events.

6. We cannot multitask.

What you secretly always believed, well, it’s true! According to science, it’s best if you ignore all the multitasking hype. Research proves that humans are actually not as good as they’d think they would be at doing several things at once.

7. Compared to exercise, relationships are more important for one’s health.

According to researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the quality and size of an individual’s social relationships actually has an impact on their physical health measures, such as blood pressure and abdominal obesity.

8. No blind person has ever been recorded to have developed schizophrenia.

Isn’t this pretty interesting? Across all the recorded medical reports of patients with schizophrenia, there isn’t one patient recorded to have been congenitally blind.

9. Your favorite songs are most likely associated with emotional events.

You and just about everyone else!

10. The more we spend on others, the happier we get.

At least, this is what research says. So, ensure that you give plenty during this holiday season!

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