Unique Floor Tiles Designed For Excellence

Unique Floor Tiles Designed For Excellence


1 Decorate : Unique Floor Tiles Designed For Excellence

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Backed by the team of expert professionals, we are engaged in the manufacturing, supplying and wholesaling of superior quality Server Room Floor. Keeping the convenience by the customers, we render these flooring and fall ceiling in customized specifications. Known for their unmatched quality, glossy finish and attractive designs, these are highly demanded around the nation.




The EMC Durham Center Of Excellence is a massive 450,000 square foot facility located in Durham, North Carolina. The Center Of Excellence (COE) serves a few purposes for EMC. The COE serves as a state of the art, highly virtualized cloud data center support over 60,000 EMC employees all over the world. Over 130,000 square feet of the COE are dedicated to research and development labs. And the COE demonstrates cloud computing and delivering IT as a Service (ITaaS). The StorageReview team stopped by to get a deeper dive into all of this and more that goes on in Durham.

The sub floor space in many data centers used to look like a spaghetti maze of cables or a storage room for computer boxes. However, those obstructions had a major impact on the performance of under floor air delivery. To improve cooling efficiency, many data centers are clearing out those boxes, managing cables and paying better attention to the sub floor conditions. Clear floor tiles not only provide a quick glimpse of the general condition of the plenum space but also allow for seeing displays indicating temperature and air pressure underneath the tile. This can be valuable information in recognizing cooling issues before they become dangerous to critical equipment.


Also, more data centers are using chilled water supply and return pipes to cooling cabinets, in row chillers and heat exchangers. Clear tiles allow for easy monitoring of gauges to determine water temperature and pressure. They can also be useful in ensuring there are no leaks in pipe connections.


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