How To Take Care of Your Chicken & Keep It Happy

How To Take Care of Your Chicken & Keep It Happy


1 Decorate : How To Take Care of Your Chicken & Keep It Happy


 DIY Chicken Tunnel

 The utility of chickens in your farm might extend to more uses than you can think of. You might be investing in them for the eggs they lay but they can act as useful friends to keep your garden as well. That might sound strange, especially about chickens that seem to dirty their surroundings, but they also eat up the bugs and weeds that are a downer in your garden. If you have a DIY tunnel for the chickens, you can have them working in your garden while being free at the same time. The tunnel is designed to allow the chickens to walk through certain parts and to help in keeping the garden healthy without destroying the flower beds and vegetable patches. All you need to get started are certain materials like one inch thick wooden slats, wood screws, a wire fencing of four inches, wire cutter, drill, saw and bungee cords. With these materials you can get started by checking the images given below which will surely help you to set up the useful and basic structure, an ingenuous way to keep the chickens busy and your garden free from harmful weeds and bugs.

DIY Chicken Sweaters


Winter is not only hard on people but also hard for animals. Birds suffer from the cold weather, some of them migrate to other places in order to find the warm climate for their comfort.But when it comes to poultries, it is not possible. At this point as responsible human beings you can make clothes!It is a great and useful idea to make DIY sweaters for chickens. Particularly nowadays it has begun snowing in some places in the world! The technique is almost same to making clothes for a pet cat or dog. You can customize the sweater with buttons or other sort of embellishments as you wish.


Take Care of Your Chicken & Keep It Safe and Happy


Backyard Chickens To Take Care of Your Chicken & Keep It Safe and Happy

Increasing number of chickens can be very helpful beneficial for a person or family. You must invest if you want to yield the produce (eggs and meat). Beside feeding chickens every day, taking care and providing best quality space  are also important.  Lots of information about the site,  storage space, size and sturdiness you need to know before starting to your own DIY chicken coop building project. Ventilation and Insulation are also complex parts that must be rigorously investigated before making a good decision and start building the coop.

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