20 Popular Types of Sofas and Couches Explained

20 Popular Types of Sofas and Couches Explained


1 Decorate :20 Popular Types of Sofas and Couches Explained

Sofa Glossary

 Top 10 Different Types of Sofas And Couches Explained

  1. Chesterfield

  2.  English Sofa

  3.  Sectional Sofa

  4. Chaise Lounge

  5.  Cabriole

  6. Contemporary Mid-century Modern Sofa

  7. Mid-century Modern

  8. Bridgewater

  9. Camel back

  10. Lawson-style Sofa 

 Different Sofas & Couches Types

Camelback: A common type sofa which has a back that’s highest in the middle, shaped
like a camel’s hump.

Any sofa that can be adjusted to become a bed, whether it’s a pull-out model or a
futon style that leans back.

Pillow Back: Another term for loose-cushion models where the cushions are not attached
to the deck.

Tight Back: A sofa with no removable cushions. This minimalist look tends to be less
comfortable than loose-cushion models. Instead of a ?lled cushion. these usually have a
spring base.

Rolled Arm: A sofa style with arms that curve outward, usually cushioned. This is a
classic and traditional sofa style.
Sectional: A sofa that comes in multiple parts that can often be rearranged to make a new
shape. The most common is the L-shaped sectional.

Deck: The bottom structure of the sofa where the seat cushions rest. In loose-cushion
models, the deck is usually upholstered in a neutral-colored fabric instead of the
upholstery material.

Loose Cushion: A sofa which has cushions that are not attached to the sofa base. These
tend to be very comfortable and easier to clean. Some models can have a pillow back with
tight seat cushions, some have a tight back with loose seat cushions.

Welt: A decorative cord used as an accent along the lines of an upholstered piece,
sometimes used in a contrasting color from the upholstery.

Square Am: A sofa style with arms that are boxy and usually cushioned. These models
are more streamlined and modern.
Bench Seat: A single cushion that goes the entire length of the sofa.

A section of fabric that extends from the deck of the sofa to the ?oor, usually
covering the legs.

Tufted: An upholstery style that uses knots or buttons to secure sections of the fabric to
the base, resulting in “tufts” of fabric. Tufted sofas have a classic and expensive look but
are often less comfortable than other models.

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